A kite’s tale

A kite glued to a sturdy branch Of a tree left dry and dying As close to the sky as it was Yet so far away from flying... . It breathed a many sunsets Watched time silently unfold Survived the wrath of the heat Survived the stings of the cold . One fine evening, the... Continue Reading →

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A flower in your garden

All I wanna be is a flower in your gardenThe one that caught your eye on a sunny afternoonMade you stop by and look at meYour beautiful mind registering my coloursAdmiring my curves...The one you couldn't leave behind ...Plucked it from it's branchPlaced it in your favourite vaseAnd made a portrait on your canvasAll I... Continue Reading →

A song of Pride

The walls of this palaceHave faced monsters strongTo save me from their doings wrongBut I'd rather swell up and ache from their stingsThan stay where my name no longer singsOn tongues that claim they speak only of godly words.The walls of this palaceHave saved me since the very startFrom the harshest storms, from my fragile... Continue Reading →


How vast, how beautiful How varied, how vibrant, how blue Sky... as wonderful and magical as you. Unreachable, unholdable, intangible A mirage of closeness Sky... as near and as far as you. -Shobitha Bushan


I am blown away By how beautifully you tell me That you care about me That you love me That you long for me I have heard it so many times Now, it's become a morning prayer that I often hear But instead of feeling good about it I only ache... 'Cause how many, many... Continue Reading →

Then, Now, Then

I am sewed to my past You only talk about the future. To me , you are as far as the shore is to a lost droplet in the ocean. To you, I am way behind.. like footprints left on sand ages ago. Eventually erased by the wind How can we ever unite? I am... Continue Reading →


I filled your ears with music, with love notes from my voice, you gave back silence I fed you truth, you choked me with your lies. I was your only hope, the girl who saved you from the disasters you created for yourself but you took life out of me like a scavenger. When all... Continue Reading →

Three letters

1. To the hands that pulled me out of despair only to dump me again in a never ending swirl of sorrow, I wish you had known that betrayal cuts like knife, bleeds in red and leaves you dead in a breathing body. That trust is a double edged sword. It gives you the freedom... Continue Reading →

A White Poem

I have been too many things to too many people. Somewhere along the way, I forgot what it feels like to be that little girl in white skirt and white shoes The one who wore white ribbons to tie up her curly hair in cute little ponytails. Who had a white pomeranian dog as her... Continue Reading →

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